Photo: Left-handed woman writing with a red felt-tip pen.

Welcome to Slow Writing. I’m hlf, the slow writer. Yes, I write slowly, and, as best as i can manage it, I write daily. I write “by hand” — these days with a Blackwing 602, because I find it forgiving (it has an eraser) and conducive to thought.  I write about our times. But enough about me.

I try to be thoughtful, because these are difficult times in which goodness can be skittish and humor hard to spot. I do try to spot them but I don’t sweat it when I can’t. I just keep going. I meander where my marks take me.

This will make some readers impatient. No worries. Of course I hope I can hold your interest, but if I can’t on any given day – well, c’est la vie. No hard feelings. Come back if & when you feel like it and tell me about your day.

It’s something we can do for one another. After all, these are difficult times.

picture: time signatures -- 17/16; 9/8; 13/8
Actually, these are difficult times.

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