my society

I ask the cats, do you love me? They just regard me and purr. Do you love me? I ask the dog. His ears go up a little. His tail swings a little.

Certainly, feeding is one of our modes of discourse. But it would be a sign of my own limitations to think it was the sole (or even the primary) axis around which our relationships turn.

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a meditation for changing times

the weather in the world is changing. It’s always changing, but…this time is different: the bad things that are afoot in the world spread everywhere and reach everything through our “conveniences.” More than ten years ago, a soulless Russian computer hacker deployed malware that turned a hundred million-million personal computers into a coordinated theft machine. Robbed small businesses, banks, and more. This network exists today. It drapes the planet. Displayed in red on an FBI cybercrime unit computer screen, it looks like lavish blood spatter.

There is still great power in fortune, but no refuge.

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